Custom Rifle Builds in Helena

North Ridge Rifles

Match Rifles or Custom Hunting Rifles 

Shawn Williams Helena, Mt 

North Ridge Rifles work encompasses match rifles and custom hunting rifles. We have our sights set on the super accurate long range equipment which is centered around bolt action rifles. At North Ridge Rifles our mission is to remove equipment limitations when it comes to achieving long range accuracy. We believe accuracy in a custom precision rifle has to be field measured, where it counts. 

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Match Rifles 


North Ridge Rifles has built their business on custom rifle builds in Helena. We start with a custom action that will be tested for alignment on all critical surfaces. At this point we will fit the barrel to the action, chamber, and crown barrel.

When bedding these rifles we verify the rifle will track while recoiling. We test fire these Rifles to group verify. This is the start of a long journey to get a World Class Rifle. We will be by your side to assist with tuning. 


Custom Long Range Hunting Rifles

These rifles will start with a factory or custom hunting action. Fit a custom lapped barrel blank to action, chamber, accuracy crown or install appropriate muzzle brake. We then bed the action assembly in a stock and field verify accuracy potential once again. This is only the start to a long journey the length of that journey is directly related to your hunting distance.



We take a pre-turned quality stainless steel barrel blank, inspect, indicate bore, thread, chamber, throat, crown and finish the barrel. 

The barrel bore is aligned to less than .0001 off the headstock center-line using dial indicators, all threading and action fitting are done in this setup that is verified many times in the process. Chamber runout is less than .0001 leaving a concentric chamber to barrel bore. The crown and muzzle brake operations are done the same.

Some say this is unnecessary but a gunsmith can only control how the bullet enters and exits the barrel.

Remember a 2900 fps bullet in a 8 twist barrels is going 261,000 RPM we need the bullet entering this area straight